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General Description

The Fab-Form Monopour System uses the ICF block itself to form the footing, thereby eliminating all footing forming lumber, stakes, cold joint and double pour.

Monopour Supports  suspend ICF blocks above the ground at the required footing height.

Fastfoot®  is attached to the bottom of the ICF blocks to form the footing. Sewn corners and T-junctions increase speed of site installation dramatically.

Fastfoot® is GreenSpec® listed and Leed® point contributing.

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Internal Support

Drill Adjustable Side Supports

Side supports are attached to the outside of the ICF block by screwing to the internal plastic web.

MP™ supports consist of a sheet metal attachment flange, 1/2" diameter adjuster, and an injection-molded foot pad that holds the footing rebar in position above the ground. They are compatible with all horizontal ICF blocks with ties molded into the EPS.

To determine the number of pairs of supports, divide the perimeter distance by 4.

A 6mm ball-hex bit (one included with each box of side supports) is used with a variable speed portable drill for height adjustment. Pairs of side supports are located 4' on center along the foundation wall.

Sizing & Packaging

Standard side support (7" adjuster - for footing depths from 7" to 12"):

Installation Instructions

Load Bearing Capacity of each MPSS

Internal Support

Sewn Fastfoot® for Corners, T-Junctions, Straight Components

Fastfoot® corners and T-junctions are available in three widths: 50", 62" and 74". To determine the size of footings and corners, go to the footing size calculator available here.

Fastfoot® is custom designed and sewn to fit the components of your project.

Fastfoot® Monopour Library

1 - Footing Detail

  1. PDF file
  2. DWG file

2 - Stem Wall

  1. PDF file
  2. DWG file

3 - Full Basement

  1. PDF file
  2. DWG file

4 - CSI Section Format

  1. PDF file
  2. WORD file (right click to save)

4 - Marketing Materials

  1. ICF Monopour Brochure
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