Integra NNJ Project
Excavator in center of foundation

Zont™ Bracing on Confined City Lot

Gints Gulbis, President, Integra NNJ, recently supplied Zont Bracing for an ICF project in New Jersey. As the lot was only 40' wide with no space for the excavator, the contractor left the excavator in the center of his excavation to enable backfilling after pouring the stem wall.

Gints was impressed with Zont™ bracing, "I've been aware of Zuckle™ and Zont™ products for some time. We supplied them on this project where site conditions worked against heavier, standard metal bracing."

"Online videos and information helped the contractor learn the simple concept even before he got the alignment Zont™ bracing on site. His concrete pour went very well and he said the Zont™ bracing was amazingly easy and fast to use."

Installing Zonts

Installing Zonts™

Zonts™ were installed on the top and bottom of the 48" stem wall, 6' on center.



The contractor used plywood gussets and 2x10s to create a walkway at the top of the 2x4 strongbacks.

Utilities through footing

ICF Corners

1/2" plywood and plumber's tape were used to reinforce corners on the 10" wall.

No space for Excavator

No Space for Excavator

This image shows just how tight the space is on this city lot - no room to move.

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