Advantages of Zont Bracing - Bracing ICF Forms



Zont™ bracing is approximately 10% the cost of vertical bracing.

Why rent conventional braces when you can buy for the same price?

Straighter walls

Straighter Walls

HoriZONTal walers are the first contact with the wall, straightening first in the horizontal direction.

Compare this with conventional vertical braces where the first contact is vertical, leading to a wavy horizontal alignment.


Fast to Install

A 'twist' of the wrist quickly locks the horizontal waler and vertical strongback in position.

Light weight

Light Weight

Zont™ waler brackets and Zuckle™ scaffold alignment braces weight 11% the weight of conventional vertical bracing.

Height adaptable

Height Adaptable

Brace short stem walls or 20' tall walls.

Just add another row of Zonts™ and walers for every five feet of wall.

Easy Bucking

Easy Bucking

Window and end of wall bucks are easily reinforced as there are no vertical braces in the way.

Easy to transport

Easy to Transport

Zont galvanized totes easily carry 20 Zonts or 15 Zuckles. The Zotes are stackable and have drainage holes to prevent filling with water. Click HERE for more information.



Use site available 2x4s, save on delivery and storage costs.

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