Entrance, MP Division

Manager, Pre-fabricated Foundation Division

Fab-Form is setting up a new division to manufacture foundation components for the residential and multi-family housing industry for the Greater Vancouver market.

These components include the fabric footing form (Fastfoot); adjustment legs to level on the jobsite (MP side supports) and bracing (Zont waler brackets). The system has been patented by Fab-Form and proven on a limited basis in the Vancouver market and across Canada and the USA.

Fab-Form recently rented 3,500 ft2 of 28' high warehouse space in Delta (adjacent to our existing facilities) specifically for this division.

The picture to the right shows the new facility, unit 21 with Stephen and Dan installing the monopour side supports to the base of the foundation components. Each component is approximately 16' long and 5' high.

As Fab-Form is the only company that manufactures foundation components that also include the footing forms, this division represents a green paradigm shift in the housing industry. We want you to be a part of this change.

Entrance, MP Division

Your Responsibilities

This is an exciting opportunity. You will be responsible for setting up and running the new division which will service the Vancover housing market.

This is a hands-on and creative position: you'll be responsible for design, procurement and installation of all production machinery.

At the beginning you'll be producing the components along with other Fab-Form employees. As your business grows, you'll be responsible for the hiring and management of staff in your division.

This opportunity will appeal to someone that wants to be part of a team and wants to see his efforts be reflected in the growth of his business.


We are looking for a team player, yet someone that takes a lot of initiative to make his division grow. You must have an engineering mentality that you can put to work in a team environment.

Formal education requirements are not of primary importance - we are looking for a motivated individual that wants to succeed and grow. And a background that shows he will excel in this position.


Salary will be commiserate with the position and will tied to the profitability of the division.

As we are a public company (symbol TSX-V: FBF), your bonuses will be paid out in the form of common shares. You will become an equity partner of Fab-Form.

Complete Application

Please write a letter showing your past experience and education related to this position. Tell us why under your management the Manufactured Component Division will excel. Email your letter to Thanks for your interest!

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